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Friday, May 23, 2008

Full Circle

It seems that Renée Fleming (appearing with the ESO in the first concert of the 08/09 season on September 11, 2008) has won the Polar music prize, so congratulations are in order!

The Polar Music Prize was established by Stig Anderson, manager of ABBA. And funny thing... our last performance THIS season is "Rajaton sings ABBA" on June 10th.

Coincidence? I think not.

And while I'm oh-so-shamelessly hawking concerts, tonight and tomorrow Anton Kuerti is performing with the symphony, and HE just won the Governor General's Performing Arts Award. Word is that he wrote his own cadenzas (that's the part where the soloist gets to show off without the orchestra playing) for Mozart's Piano Concerto No 22. I'm also excited that this is the first performance of the piece by both the ESO and Anton Kuerti - so I'm looking forward to the freshness of it all. There's nothing more exciting than a premiere performance, even for a piece written a couple of hundred years ago.

Tickets for this weekend are available online up to 3 hours before showtime - or available at the door if you must.

Ok, I'm done now.


mrk said...

Coincidence, I think so.
Happy coincidence? I really do think so.

Would have liked to see Renée but I imagine she's sold out. What a talent.

Looking very forward to tonights concert as well. Should be good.

rmk said...

woops... turns out there are tickets left for Renee. thank you box office ;)