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Monday, June 16, 2008

Concert gratuit


Since I've now nearly exhausted my knowledge of the French language, I'll switch to English. Melayne, you went to France - any help?

This Sunday afternoon (June 22) at 2PM the ESO is presenting a free concert celebrating the 400th anniversary of the founding of Québec City. This is a chance to celebrate and experience Québec's history without paying a fuel surcharge, so come on down! (Not to say you shouldn't visit Québec City this year - it should be a blast.)

The concert is FREE (did I mention it was free?) because of support from the Department of Canadian Heritage and National Bank Financial, so we'd like to acknowledge their support. We're also suggesting that you check out The Works after the concert, so conveniently located on our front doorstep, Churchill Square.

And speaking of The Works... guess what everyone, it's summer and the festivals have started! If you'd like to report on your festival experiences this summer, I'd be happy to feature them here on this blog. As you probably know, the ESO caps off the festival season with Symphony Under the Sky, and we're going to let people liveblog right from Hawrelak Park! Keep it in mind - more details will come later.

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Sistah Girl said...

just because I went to France doesn't mean I speak French...I just smiled and nodded a lot.