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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Definitely not too late for a concert preview

We're just over 5 weeks away from another installment of Sobeys Symphony Under the Sky! SSUTS (as it will herein be known on this blog) marks the end of our summer here at the ESO, and the start of the new season, so we're trying to avoid thinking about it just too much; nevertheless, each week I'll give a little preview of one of the concerts.

The festival runs labour day weekend, from Friday, August 29 to Monday, September 1. The first one I'm going to preview is in fact the Sunday night show, Classical Mystery Tour. It's the music of the Beatles, with orchestral transcriptions right from the albums - need I say more? I needn't, but I will anyways. Last time these guys performed with the ESO in June 2007, they got a huge response from the audience, and the ticket sales for the upcoming concert reflect that - in other words, if you want a reserved seat under the tent at Hawrelak, buy right now! If you want to sit on the grass... it's still a good idea to buy right now!

Ron Spigelman at Sticks and Drones recently blogged about conducting the same show in Syracuse, and had great things to say. You should also check out the Classical Mystery Tour website, which has a list of songs you're likely to hear... but do you really need more convincing?

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Anonymous said...

Saw this show in 07 and it was one of the best shows of the year (not just symphony shows). They're great entertainers and put on a fantastic show for all ages. Well worth the trip to the park.