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Thursday, December 18, 2008

We listened to it twice 'cause the DJ was asleep

CBC's revamped Radio 2 has been running for just over 3 months now, and Russell Smith at The Globe and Mail has some interesting commentary about why the change hasn't increased listenership, at least, so far. (The article states that the number of people listening is about the same as before, but the market share is down - in other words, the overall market is growing, but Radio 2's isn't.)  Granted, it's still early to make any kind of final judgement, and CBC claims that the dip in market share is all part of the plan.  I've been listening to Tom Allen's radio show in the morning, and I'd have to agree with Liz Withey - there's a definite Sarah slant.  And yes, Feist, and a whole lotta Ron Sexsmith. Which is all fine, but it's all kind of... the same.  Nothing I haven't heard before.

The interesting bit is that Radio 1's ratings are up quite a bit over last year.  Are former Radio 2 listeners moving over to Radio 1 to get their CBC fix?


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