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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New bloggers and a special concert this Friday

I'd like to welcome some new authors to the ESO blog - emra, marcus and Pamela. We've seen a posting from emra already, and I'm sure the other new members will also have some interesting contributions soon - but no pressure, right?!

This Friday (February 20), the ESO is offering a special morning performance at 10 AM that explores the Shapes and Shades of Music. Essentially, if you want to learn more about musical form and how a composer composes, this is an awesome opportunity to learn from some pretty knowledgeable musicians - Bill Eddins, Gary Kulesha and Jon Kimura Parker will all be on hand. There are those that have the view that, well, ignorance is bliss, but I really believe that most people gain a deeper appreciation and greater understanding of a performance with even a bit of education.  Tickets ($10 plus service charges) are available through the Winspear Box Office at 780-428-1414.


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