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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Behind the Music

When it comes to music, I am too easily inspired. When it comes to a movie that shares a story about the powerful role music can play in an individual’s life… well… please pass the tissues.

Last night I was able to take in the advance screening of The Soloist, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx. Though I was successful in leaving the theatre with minimal signs of my mascara running, it was difficult for me not to feel a renewed sense of inspiration that Mr. Foxx so easily sparked in his role as a schizophrenic homeless cellist, but once a dynamic prodigy at Juilliard. The last time I felt this musically inspired I rented a violin, began lessons at the music school I was interning at in NYC, and in no time was playing ‘Mississippi hot dog’ rhythm patterns on the open A-string.

Unfortunately when the internship ended, so did the violin lessons. Now almost a year later, the desire to create rich sounds through the connection of a bow on strings is back in full force (give or take a few screechy notes as I’m still quite the beginner). Listening to the incredible music produced by your Edmonton Symphony, and being surrounded by talented musicians of the orchestra week after week can’t go unmentioned either in playing a part in my ensued willingness to practice an instrument.

I highly recommend both music lovers and even non-music lovers to experience the moving story of The Soloist when it opens in theatres tomorrow, April 24. Or if movies aren’t really your thing, you can always join us here at the Winspear for some real enlivening ESO performances! Maybe then you’ll feel the same kind of inspiration that I do today… and if not… care to sell me your violin?

Check out the trailer for the film, which is based on the true story of Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Jr.


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