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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Take Me Out To The Symphony?

When you think of baseball, little may come to mind as to if and how there is any relationship whatsoever with making music... Besides, perhaps, the tuneful Take Me Out To The Ballgame that fans alike look forward to (or not), during the 7th inning stretch of an uneventful ball game with a soccer-like score. In my own experiences at MLB games, I usually spend more time thinking about how lonely it must be for the solitary guy in the far outfield, patiently waiting for a stitched, leather item to fall into his glove.

Recently, I came across a story of a non-baseball player who really knocked one out of the park. National Symphony Orchestra violinist Glenn Donnellan thought it would be cool to make a violin out of… wait for it… a baseball bat! Yes, that’s right, a Louisville Slugger bat. Who could of possibly known such a piece of sporting equipment could bring forth a sound as respectable to that of a baseball hitting the sweet spot. Have a listen… before long, you may just start to hear “Cracker Jack, HERE!” at orchestral concerts.


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philharmonic said...

SSUTS conductor Bob Bernhardt used to be an Academic All-American Baseball Player, and he now conducts the Louisville Orchestra's Pops Series... sounds like he should get this guy as a guest artist!