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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Many more reviews

Hopefully you've already read many of our bloggers reviews of Sobeys Symphony Under the Sky. Several posted multiple reviews, and a few posts are still to come, but I wanted to do a recap of posts so far, linking to specific posts:

Sparkling Classics: Sep 4, 2009
sparkling classics by COLLECTed
Sparkling Classics by The Choir Girl
Success Under the Sky by the edmontonian.
Music Making! by nine-letter word

Operamania: Sep 5, 2009
Opera mania! by nine-letter word

Hollywood Adventures and Romances: Sep 5, 2009
Movie Music night by nine-letter word

Simply Sinatra: Sep 6, 2009
Simply Sinatra by The Choir Girl
The Edmonton Symphony. by Girls and Bicycles

From Trumpets to Tchaikovsky: Sep 7, 2009
Trumpets to Tchaikovsky by The Choir Girl
Cannons and Solstices by nine-letter word

Plus, something new - a review of the festival in Chinese! To be honest, I don't know what it says (yet), but there are pictures too...

More links will come as the bloggers finish up their posts.

Mastermaq took some photos on Saturday night, so be sure to check those out, and then check out our photo contest group - as of writing, 134 pictures have been submitted.


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