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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

4 Famous Notes - worth hearing again!

If you missed Beethoven's Fifth Symphony a few weeks ago, you have another chance to hear those 4 famous notes at the ESO's Free Concert and Season Launch on April 2 at 12 noon. Possibly the most famous piece of classical music ever written, it even inspired some classic comedy back in the '50's. And maybe you saw the homage on the Simpsons - although the 4 notes are made by a screaming Homer as Bart turns on hot and cold faucets in the kitchen. I enjoyed this video tremendously, but there's nothing like the real thing - so plan to be at the Winspear for our free lunch hour concert on April 2. And here's an insider's scoop - the Beethoven's fifth (first movement) is the first piece on the program, so come a bit early if you can!

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