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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

It being that day, I thought I'd mention the Irish composer John Field. Did you know that he invented the Nocturne? That he's buried in the Kremlin?

He sounds like quite the card, judging from this excerpt from his wikipedia entry:
Because Field's faith was unclear -- his parents were nominally Protestant, but he had had a Catholic wedding -- there is a legend that when he was questioned on his deathbed by a priest his friends had procured about which religion he practiced, he said, "I am a pianist" (Je suis claveciste).
Read all about him here.

Incidently, next season Bill Eddins is conducting a "Celtic Kaleidoscope" as part of the Robbins Lighter Classics series, including a John Field Suite - oops, was that a sneak peek? (We announce our 09/10 season at a free noon-hour concert at the Winspear on April 2, 2009 - be there!)


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