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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Commercializing Classical Music

Two different classical music bloggers are weighing in on classical music in commercials.

Alex Ross from The New Yorker mentions the Levi's commercial with music by Charles Ives, arranged by Owen Pallet (aka, Final Fantasy).  As Alex says, it's a little more obscure than the typical Carmina Burana treatment:

And then Greg Sandow, in a discussion of making the use of classical music seem natural and not forced, uses an AMEX ad as an example on the natural side:

I've made a few commercials myself, and music choice is definitely one of the more difficult aspects. You're trying to create a mood within the first few seconds, and so much of that will depend on the ability of music to communicate universally and instantly. I will admit to using Carmina Burana in a commercial once - but only because it advertised the ESO's performance of the work itself.

Please note - this blog isn't sponsored by any of the companies portrayed in the commercials I've posted. At least, not yet...

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