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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm a "Pit"bull here me play

Friday night was the second dress rehearsal for Porgy & Bess, and Elizabeth and I were allowed to sit in the pit so we could watch Bill. I guess we were the first to do that at Opera-Lyon. It was fun to see him from a different side, and how he interacts with the orchestra. I've known Bill for a few years now, so I'm pretty good at reading his expressions. The sheer look of glee in most parts told me he was having a blast up there. You could tell when the singers were doing something good because they got the Bill smile of approval. Oh and there was a tad bit of wiggling up there. Sorry-lets try that again... there was A LOT of wiggling. How could you not? That's some seriously great music! Talk about surround sound down there, and the musicians looked the they were having a great time with Bill. I almost offered to turn pages for the double bass player sitting beside me at one point...well- I felt I should be doing SOMETHING!!!

Sizing up the house

Gershwin's masterpiece

Warming up

Who's this guy? Bill posing for his 5 minute Journal photo shoot outside the opera house

Next post... opening night!

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